Your Home

Improvements to Your Home

Modifying your home

Any major modification you make in your home, such as installing a new kitchen or bathroom etc, has to be approved first. Before commencing work, you must get written permission from Inquilab Housing Association. This is so we know about works that have taken place should you decide to move. We also need to ensure that Planning Consent (if required) has been obtained, and works are carried out by a competent contractor.

Planned maintenance

Inquilab has a planned maintenance programme. It includes renewing kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors, as well as roofing works. We consider renewing kitchens when they are over 20 years old, bathrooms over 30 years old, windows and doors over 25 years old. We will tell you when your home is to be included in a planned programme, and depending on what is being renewed, give you a choice of design and colour for your kitchen. The purpose of planned maintenance is to:

  • make sure you live in a comfortable, modern home

  • keep your home safe and in good condition

  • reduce the number of repairs needed, as repairs are expensive

  • keep your home warm and weather proof

To see when your home is to be included within the planned works programme, please contact Customer Services on 0208 607 7777 or email

Cyclical works

We are currently working on a programme for cyclical works and will publish the details in September 2017.

For further information on the works, please contact Customer Services on 0208 607 7777 or email