Your Home

Estate Services

We want your neighbourhood to be somewhere you are proud and happy to live, hence we carry out regular estate inspections at our housing schemes, often in partnership with residents. 

Inquilab’s responsibilities 


We employ grounds maintenance contractors to carry out gardening work such as:

  • grass cutting and edging

  • maintaining shrubs, hedges and trees

  • weed control

 Tree surgery 

Every year we carry out a safety survey of trees in communal areas. We then produce a schedule of tree surgery giving priority to urgent work. We always check for Tree Preservation Orders and never remove trees unless we have to.

Cleaning and tidiness 

We employ cleaners to do basic cleaning inside and outside our housing schemes. Their work includes:

  • picking up litter

  • sweeping and cleaning

  • changing light bulbs

Pest control 

We will remove pests such as ants, bees, wasps and mice, from communal areas; you are responsible for removing pests from your home and garden. Contact the environmental health department of your council for more information.

Your responsibilities 

  • keep your garden (if you have one) neat and tidy

  • keep communal hallways clean

  • not to keep unroadworthy or untaxed vehicles on our housing schemes

  • not to park lorries, trucks, large vans, caravans or trailers on our housing schemes without our permission

  • not to leave out large items of rubbish such as furniture, as refuse collectors will not remove them. You can arrange with your council to have them taken away

  • obtain our permission before fitting a satellite dish. We may have to say no if there are planning restrictions where you live


Please refer to your tenancy agreement for a full list of your responsibilities.