Your Home



We carry out repairs and maintenance in partnership with various contractors. All of these contractors sign up to a code of conduct which sets out what they must and mustn’t do.

Contractors carrying out work for us must show respect for customers and their homes. This means:

  • your home must be kept secure at all times

  • any dust, dirt or debris must be cleared up at the end of each day’s work

  • dust sheets must be provided to protect your belongings where necessary

  • carpets will not be removed without your permission

  • where a lot of work needs to be done, the condition of your furniture, carpets and other fittings and fixtures will be agreed with you before work starts. This will be written and you’ll be given a copy

  • the contractors will be polite at all times, and won’t use bad or offensive language

  • the contractors will display a photo ID so you know who they are

  • no one will smoke in or near your home

  • the contractors will not use a radio in your home

  • the contractors will not use any items belonging to you, like ladders or kettles

  • the contractors will treat everyone equally and embrace diversity.


In return, we ask you to:

  • be polite and respectful to the contractors

  • keep your children and pets well away from the working area

  • not touch or tamper with the works while they’re being carried out

  • move or protect any fragile items in or near the working area

  • accept that there’s likely to be some disruption while the works are being carried out.