We are pleased to introduce Gilmartins, our new repairs contractor who will be delivering our maintenance, repairs service from 30 September 2019. They will also be carrying some of the health & safety checks in your properties.

When you call our customer services on 0208 607 7777 or the online Tenant Portal, you will be offered appointments, Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm. Wherever possible you will be contacted shortly before your appointment. The Tenant Portal is a quick, easy way to request a repairs service online. You can describe what the problem is and attach photos, which helps us get the details of the job and parts that may be required. We will work to ensure that your repairs will be processed as quickly as possible. Once your repair is completed, we will contact you to see how you felt about the service.

You will recognise Gilmartins as they will be wearing red jackets. However, as we are still finishing repair jobs that have already started you may also see some operatives from ABC in blue. All repairs operatives carry identification so your safety, always ask to see IDs before you let contractors into your home.

We are confident that working with Gilmartins, we will provide quality repairs services to our residents and we welcome your feedback.