Inquilab publishes 2019/2020 Annual Review and Reports

Reporting on its performance for the financial year ending 31 March 2020, Inquilab has published its Annual Review, Financial Statement, and Value for Money reports. In a year which saw the galvanisation of the Black Lives Matter movement and the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation continued to invest in supporting London’s critical housing agenda and addressing the safety, wellbeing, and livelihood of its residents.

Highlights of the year included the appointment of a new maintenance and repairs contractor; increasing its housing units to 1,322; and achieving a record turnover of £12.15m (up from £9.55m in the previous year). In 2019 the Association conducted a major survey of households to help it further understand the make-up and diverse needs of its residents, resulting in the launch of ‘The Inquilab Way’: a Transformation Programme aimed at improving its responsive maintenance service and the way in which it interacts with customers.

The Association also reported £260,000 of Value for Money savings across the organisation during the financial year, which is being invested in further customer-focused programmes including tackling Anti-Social Behaviour, and delivering employability, training, and wellbeing initiatives.

Says Gina Amoh, Chief Executive: “More than ever, we are putting the needs of our residents at the centre of our work; focusing our energies on developing our social purpose, providing quality homes, and ensuring that the health and safety of everyone is our number one priority. We are transforming the way we’re organised; the way we do things and the different ways we use technology to make things easier for our customers and our people. We’ve increased our homes, we’re doing things better, and we’ve become stronger – more than ever we’re a customer service business.”

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