IMPORTANT RESIDENT NOTICE: Keeping each other safe from harm

Blocking communal areas and fire exits risks lives and can also cause serious harm and injury. We can prevent this by keeping our corridors, entrances, walkways, and fire doors clear.

Avoid fire and trip hazards by …

  • Storing bikes in allocated bike stores or in your own home
  • Avoiding obstructions by keeping shoes (and shoe-racks) inside
  • Keeping utility cupboards clear of any rubbish or items
  • Bringing prams, mobility scooters, and / or pushchairs inside
  • Organising collection of unwanted electrical goods by your local council
  • Using your bins and / or local recycling unit for rubbish and unwanted items including clothes and furniture

Above all… be vigilant! If you have a neighbour who is not respecting communal areas and who is putting you and others at risk, or you notice a damaged or mis-used utility cupboard which can be a fire hazard, please contact us immediately via our tenants portal. You could save a life!

Note: Inquilab Housing Association will give advance notice if it is required to enforce the removal of any obstruction. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your tenant’s agreement.