Black History Month: Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger

A message from Gina Amoh, Chief Executive


As an organisation that supports the BME community, we at Inquilab are particularly proud to celebrate Black History Month (1-31 October).

Together, we reflect, honour, and are inspired by the achievements of black people and how, through fearless ambition and determination, the black community here in the UK and across the world has shaped history and enriched our lives.

In a year that saw the galvanisation of the Black Lives Matter movement, we also take this opportunity to remember those who have experienced brutality, bigotry, and death just because of their race – a stark reminder that there is still a long way to go to stamp out racism.

For Black History Month this year there is also a focus on celebrating the many inspiring achievements of black women, whose commitment to the growth and wellbeing of today’s society and that of the generations before, has proved invaluable: the women in our families,  in our workplaces and in our circles of friends; the women in business, in our history books and those in the news; and the inspiring women who have paved, and are paving, the way for future generations. 

But it’s not all about celebration and achievement. Black History Month is also about understanding and acting on the challenges and inequalities the black community still face today.

So, this October Black History Month urges us all to ‘dig deeper’, ‘look closer,’ and ‘think bigger’ so that, together, we can stamp out racism.

  • Together, we are committed to raising awareness, celebrating and recognising the outstanding contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have made within communities.
  • Together, we stand committed to providing opportunities for colleagues to learn about, and to tackle, racial inequality and social injustice.
  • Together, we will use our might to deliver change for the better – for our residents, our colleagues and our communities.

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