Our Work

What We Do

Who we are  

Inquilab Housing Association provides social housing, housing related services and home ownership products for a wide range of West London residents living in multi-cultural communities. Inquilab also offer opportunities with other organisations for people in our communities to access training, employment programmes and other initiatives, many of which are open to people who are not Inquilab residents.

We own and manage almost 1300 homes for social rent and shared ownership across eight West London boroughs and we also have properties in Slough and Elmbridge.

Our diverse customer base is reflected by our equally diverse staff team and Board members. We pride ourselves in working hard to ensure we have services and programmes in place to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

Inquilab’s history

In the mid-1980s, it was clear that the housing needs of black and minority ethnic (BME) communities were not being met by mainstream social housing providers.

With its concentration of Asian families, this was especially evident in Southall (part of the London Borough of Ealing) where community activists, including black people working in housing associations, local authorities and the NHS, came together to tackle the issue. Despite the Asian origins of our name, our aim was and still is to serve all sectors of the BME community, including Eastern European, Asian and African communities in these areas.

Inquilab’s founders committed themselves to challenge the way things were done and to seek positive change, achieving Housing Corporation registration in 1987.

Inquilab today

Since those early days, Inquilab has grown and today we have almost 1300 properties and our stock includes:

  • General needs – housing that does not need any special adaptations

  • Shared ownership – part rent/part mortgaged to help people on to the first rung of the property ladder

We are also involved in providing:

  • Support services, where we offer advice around money, health and wellbeing

  • Training and employment opportunities – where we work with other organisations to offer programmes to help people back into work

We are proud that our service meets the needs of the particular groups of people we house and support.

Although relatively small, we are financially strong and we use this strength as a base for developing new homes and delivering additional services.

Inquilab is now one of the largest community based associations working with BME communities in the country. We aim to continue to meet the needs and aspirations of our customers, maintaining high standards of governance and management, focusing on improving our performance.