Our Work

Our History

Inquilab was first registered as a housing association in 1986.

Inquilab’s roots are in the ethnic minorities and strong community base that exist in West London. We were set up in Southall in 1986 by a group of black housing workers and residents, who saw the need for a housing association to serve the local community. Their primary aims were to improve housing conditions and provide opportunities for people – especially those from BME backgrounds – to find employment and become involved in leadership and decision making.

The name ‘Inquilab’ (‘revolution’ in Urdu) was chosen because of a desire to challenge orthodoxy and pursue positive change. We are proud of our rich history, the people who have made Inquilab what it is today and the way we have adapted to new challenges.

The key to our success has been our partnership with other housing associations, local authorities and voluntary agencies operating primarily in West London.

We evolved rapidly, building a strong financial base on which to develop new homes, deliver excellent performance and provide support services.