Our Vision & Values

Mission Statement, Culture and Values

Our Mission Statement

To meet housing need and support sustainable communities.

Our Vision

To be a top performing, customer driven business, making a positive contribution to supporting diverse and cohesive communities.

Our Strategic Plan 2016-20 – Building

Inquilab’s strategy plan ‘Building A Better Future’ for our residents, people and business. This means increased capacity to build more homes, preserving customer loyalty and improving efficiency.

Strategic Objectives

To support our vision, we have set three corporate objectives which will be reviewed annually:

  • Improve customer experience

  • Invest in homes and local communities

  • Strengthen our business

Our Values


Services our customers value and we are proud of.


Being open and honest and demonstrating integrity in everything we do.


Taking ownership, responsibility and doing what we say we will consistently.


Showing care, commitment and fairness with everyone, ownership and responsibility, energy and enthusiasm.


Building on the strength of people, legacy and resources.