Our Vision & Values

Equality & Diversity

The Inquilab Way

At the very core of Inquilab is the fundamental ideal of helping to instil and foster a fairer opportunity for all. The association is routed in the ‘revolution’ (the meaning of the word Inquilab in Urdu and Hindi) required to enable communities to develop and exist in a way that is fair and equitable.

This approach is extended to our staff where Inquilab believes that all should be given the opportunity to achieve. We work hard to ensure that we are diverse because we are interested in what people bring to the job at hand to help support communities and individuals who find that they are challenged because of a lack of understanding, fairness or an appreciation of difference in their daily lives. In particular when seeking to find good quality affordable homes and neighbourhoods to live.

We will work with staff and partners to increase understanding, collaboration and cohesion in the way we work with the communities we serve through our homes programme and social inclusion strategies.

Where we can and through collaboration with others, we will campaign for decent homes, opportunities for employment and improved environments for those in our areas of operation that are on low incomes and/or are from minority backgrounds, and for whom such opportunities are not always readily made available.

We will do all we can to be reflective of our communities, and encourage our staff to challenge any behaviours and actions inside Inquilab and within our communities, that breach the letter as well as the spirit of ‘The Inquilab Way’.


Did you know that there are over 160 recognised religious and cultural dates in the UK calendar year? At Inquilab we acknowledge, respect, and positively embrace the cultures and differences that make up the communities in which we live and work. Whilst we cannot actively promote and celebrate every one of these, we observe a number of key religious dates – along with a number of social and health awareness campaigns – which we believe are important to our employees and to our customers. Click here to access our calendar.